jessica de lima

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jessica de lima

jessica was one the first film photographers i started working with. based in mallorca, she creates the dreamiest images that truly reflect effortless beauty and exude an amazing warmth.

how would you describe yourself? who are you when you’re by yourself? who are you to a stranger? : i am a sensitive person. i'm always happy, i try to see the beautiful side of everything that happens to me, but i admit that i'm a bit melancholic : it is when i am myself in my pure essence. where my imagination has no limits, where i seek only nature and silence, where i feel truly comfortable. i seek to breathe, feel and connect with myself whenever i can be alone. : i tend to transmit good energy, they say, and they also say that i am fun and cheerful.

where do you feel most at ease? : my favorite place on earth is my home, being able to create, connect with nature and everything around me makes this house my true temple.

i ask myself frequently - what do we do when we create? what do we do when we work? for me, it is what you have learned and what you know, instinctually. what is this for you? : for me it's something similar, it's totally instinctive, i let myself be carried away by how the person i work with is, i let our souls connect in order to be able to create. without that connection i can't read what they feel and i can't express what is most natural in a woman, her true beauty and essence.

you have so many wonderful talents - from what i can see. what is your favorite creative practice? : they are usually images that come to mind, colours, shapes, textures, a song. and sometimes it's hard for me to explain it or give it form, because it's only when i see it and feel it that i create. as i told you before, the connection with nature is what inspires me the most. i tend to create in my mind when i see something really beautiful, mallorca is a wonderful place to create, it makes you be in connection with beautiful things all the time. it is an inspiring place where i can flow with everything around me.

what are your essentials? : the sea, no doubt...

what are your dreams? : to be able to live a quiet and simple life surrounded by nature with the people i love the most, i don't ask for much ...

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