laurel thoma

laurel thoma

one of the first intentions with mare was not only to create swim but to create many meaningful connections with those who work with me and wear my pieces. laurel was one of the first people i reached out to photograph, so i wanted to ask her a few questions on life and her creative process.

how would you describe yourself? who are you when you’re by yourself? who are you to a stranger? : introspective, humorous. i'm quiet and explorative alone and among others. i seem to be very approachable to strangers.

where do you feel most at ease? : taking a hot shower.

i ask myself frequently - what do we do when we create? what do we do when we work? for me, it is what you have learned and what you know, instinctually. what is this for you? : creativity is an outlet or form of expression for me, it feels really natural to do. working is discipline and builds character or humility. if you mean working in the sense of working for a wage in an environment that's not our own. if you mean working for ourselves, it still requires lots of discipline for me. this is the spiritual practice, the weaving.

you have so many wonderful talents - from what i can see. what is your favorite creative practice? : my favourite art-based discipline .. is photography. or it must be because i do it the most. is it beyond the deliberate acquisition of knowledge? maybe not yet, but i look forward to that day.

what are your essentials? : water, camera, and chapstick

what are your dreams? : to leave behind a vast body of work for minds similar to mine, that can place an impact on the way people live their lives in relation to others. and to make that something of beauty and simplicity amidst the chaos of modern new age content.

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