how would you describe yourself? who are you when you’re by yourself? who are you to a stranger? an extroverted introvert. I quietly strive in solitude, I come out of my shell in social circles (and thirdly a goofy side that I keep hidden from the public eye, at least most of the time.)

I ask myself frequently - what do we do when we create? What do we do when we work? For me, it is what you have learned and what you know, instinctually. What is this for you? in order to work, I create and in order to create, I work. Both my practices require me to calibrate between working and creating and when i find the perfect balance, not only do I character-build and learn new skills but I get to create something that is a true reflection of myself.

you have so many wonderful talents - from what I can see. what is your favourite creative practice? There is something about pottery and creating a ceramic piece from nothing but a ball of clay, letting my hands take it away and entering a flow state. Equally, yoga allows me to enter this state through physical movement on the mat.

what are your essentials? matcha, my bike and lots of snacks.

what are your dreams? to be able to live in a time where we see harmony between humanity and nature, and people treating each other with more kindness.